Troy is an American artist, designer, and creative director.

A brand is defined by its "special sauce", the distinct characteristics which make it unique & desirable.  Capturing this essence to create something iconic & timeless is what branding is all about.  I love preserving the heritage of old brands, and blazing the trail for new ones.  Let's create something special together.

I'm a plain-spoken Midwestern American who grew up on well water, 80s movies, biscuits & gravy, and country values.

Currently available for brand identity projects, commissioned paintings, and hand-painted signs & murals.

Traits that define me

Seasoned creative mentor & leader

I’ve managed large creative teams and I believe empathy, empowerment, critique, and mutual respect go a long way when mentoring others.

Coffee & humor fueled human

It’s proven that humor enhances the creative process.  Coffee doesn’t hurt either. Count on me making fun of how you take your coffee.

Art, design & code background

Prior to 15 years professional experience, I obtained a Fine Arts + Computer Science degree, so I value the intersection of handcraft and technology.

Truths I believe

I believe in looking one another in the eye, respecting your elders, and not being too good for small talk.

I believe in old-fashioned storytelling, and that good stories always have a beginning, middle, and end.

I believe in standing for something bigger than yourself, and committing to an ideal.

I believe in the old-school, the happy accident, and doing things by hand.

I believe in the diner, the donut, and unlimited coffee warm-ups.

I believe in jazz, improvisation, going off-script, and that life is too short to be boring.

I believe that data does not account for taste.

I believe in the value of preserving history and upholding traditional methods, as it pertains to art & culture.

I believe sometimes you need to see the darkness in order to see the light.

I believe humans are bound by forces beyond our collective comprehension & consciousness, and that through art, we can begin to understand our place in the world, and our true identities.

I believe in ghosts. And I’ve seen one. On the beach in Santa Cruz, California. If you'd like to hear the story, ask me.

I believe life is worth searching for love, truth, and the perfect cup of coffee.

I believe it is a good day to be alive.