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Over the course of 8.5+ years, I helped grow a small design startup in San Francisco into a global 230+ employee company.  I was fortunate enough to build creative teams, and craft the culture from the ground up. When hiring, I looked for unique voices and authentic perspectives in art & design. People that see the world a bit differently. Truth seekers. Thought provokers. Jokesters. Curious spirits. Humble, down-to-earth people. Hard-working, no-nonsense folks that look you in the eye and believe in striving past the status quo — people that simply believe in something better, something beyond.

People create a company. This becomes company DNA, their "special sauce", their defining characteristics — all of which boil down to values, an ethos, an identity, and a brand.




Writer, Designer, Creative Director


Helena Lopes
Steven Roe
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