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Facebook Newsroom

At the time this project kicked off, Facebook had a newsroom that was outdated and unusable for their internal stakeholders and external journalist audience. We set out to create a fresh newsroom destination that served their users' on-demand needs, that was designed with longevity in mind, and one that promoted the Facebook brand in a professional manner.

We met with Facebook's key stakeholders and their partner journalists to capture their priorities and pain-points. A thorough UX process followed – our research analysts vetted the experience based on their initial user findings.

Finally, we applied a comprehensive brand/design/type system to the user interface, that ensured ease of use and visual immediacy. A fully responsive website resulted, along with instant increase in audience engagement.

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Design Director


Josh Wilburne
Abby Putinski
Journalists wanted to access a media gallery and quickly traverse through Facebook's storied history. We designed the Newsroom to meet those needs.
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