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GAP Kids Reading Lounge

We partnered with GAP Kids to solve the design challenge: What can we create for kids, to free up parents to shop longer in stores. We interviewed parents across the country to figure out their pain points while shopping. It turns out, they have zero time (imagine that), and are usually forced to bring their child with them while shopping, which results in a rushed shopping experience.

After testing a few concepts, we landed on a reading lounge for kids. Our research interviews revealed parents just want their kids to chill out somewhere while they shop, and preferably NOT while using any electronics. A reading lounge was the perfect solution. We designed with simplicity and comfort in mind, and an ability for stores around the country to access the same items within a reasonable budget.

The Results: Parents spent more time in the store which equates to more purchases, and ultimately, more revenue for GAP. Educating kids on the importance of reading and education was an added bonus.


GAP Kids


Creative Director


Malisa Kuch
Cody Elam
Research, Strategy
Rob Surrency
UX, Photography
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