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Facebook Information Design & Illustration

I've worked with many teams at Facebook, designing information to be easily understood by the public, and also seeking to portray this (often quite sensitive) information about their company & platform in a positive light.

For the Safety team, I designed a map that visually explains what happens when someone on the Facebook platform reports an issue.

Bullying is a serious issue on the Facebook platform. I worked with Facebook's Safety team to design a Bullying Prevention website, where teens, parents, and educators can find useful information about how to stop & prevent teen bullying.

I designed an interactive website for the Sustainability team which communicates all of the efforts made by Facebook's employees, their platform, and their technology to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Finally, I designed multiple infographics for various Facebook teams, communicating Facebook's global reach and influence as a social media platform.




Creative Director, Designer


Abby Putinski
I was inspired by color coded subway networks, and how they help to simplify the complex.
We chose a style of illustration and depiction of subjects that evoked comfort, therapy, and ease.
Sustainability can be a sensitive subject. Facebook received highly positive media attention following the release of this website.
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